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Thursday, March 23, 2006

You Think You May Have Seen These Before...

Also - if one takes a gander at the online journal of David Byrne (one of my favourite musicians), you will find he has been in Australia for a few days and offers some thoughts.
If you dig through his archives you will discover a highly intelligent and sensible American (who was born in Scotland).

And indeed you have!
But I've had them photographed properly now, so the resolution is better and you can actually see what everything is.
I thought it was worth reposting them.
Third image is merely a detail of the second.


J.a.G. said...

I don't remember the last one but I like it. It makes me think that it is something like the inside of my head might be.

Lisa said...

Exactly this is what i mean with packed! But my perspective was up into the nearly empty sky.
I really like your scary crowd.

Oscar Grillo said...

A real beaut!...Good nite, Elliot...I am going to bed. Tomorrow I have to be up at sparrow's fart.

Elliot said...

JAG - that's perfect.

Lisa - I think I may have missed a post from you (regarding things being packed).

Grillo - cheers mate. Sleep well.

Oscar Grillo said...

Cowan (Cohen?)
BEAUTIFUL drawings. I believe you should put together some sort of continuity to the characters at the top and organise them in a book (in Edward Gorey's fashion)Write a few words as a brief explanation and that's it...I am sure you'll get it published and it'll be very successful..Trust me, I KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING!!!!!!

Elliot said...

Yes - thank you.
I shall endeavour to do this very thing.

Stef said...

Agree with Oscar, you could publish a beautiful book, and you're so productive too! by the time we make 1 post, you've already posted 10!

Elliot said...

Stef - the reason you are busy is because you have a proper job!

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