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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The house goes on the market on Wednesday.
This is a pictographical representation of how I am feeling about the future.

Also my work is far more interested in red tape than servicing client or doing work.
You've all seen Brazil, by Terry Gilliam?
Very similar.


J.a.G. said...


Boris Hiestand said...

Brazil is one of my favorite movies- anyway- why is it exactly you're selling your house and moving? I'm sure you'll be fine- it can never be as bad as my dad's situation- he sold and got rid of EVERYTHING he had nad moved to Thailand for an early retirement, only to realise he don't- feggin- like it there!

Elliot said...

I can sit here and make regional television commercials or bite the bullet and see if I can live a life of art (that hopefully pays).
I can let what I've developed shrivel away or take a leap and see if I can find some kind of fullfulling job that pays me to create images.
Thailand was not an arbitrary choice I assume?

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