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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Line Up

Villians, thieves, vagabonds, thugs, cut-throats, purse snatchers, ruffians, troublemakers.


Oscar Grillo said...

The usual suspects...I believe I would be able to pick 'em up in an identity parade....Great stuff, Elliot.

Boris Hiestand said...

scallywags, brutes and nincompoops

Elliot said...

I am pleased.
Not everyone was easy to isolate and I was a little nervous about posting it actually.

Boris, these are your kind of people obviously.

Matt J said...

Hah! A rogue's gallery to be sure - fabulous line up Elliot, they're spot on! From left to right we have Oscar, Stef, Limbolo, Alberto et moi!
Thanks for the tribute -

Stef said...

That's great Elliot!!! I love it! thanks for doing our caricatures, next time you'll join us in London!
I still have some of this radioactive drink in my blood!

alberto mielgo said...

The hairy one looks a bastard!
My god, we are so acurate.
what an style, man.
Thanks for post it.

limbolo said...

You will be hearing from my lawyers.

UM said...

Limbolo is spot on!

Elliot said...

Oh aren't you all nice.
Thanks very much indeed

Alberto - I'm not sure if it is that accurate. Yourself and Matt were hard as you both looked rather different in the two pictures I had.

Limbolo - speak to Grillos lawyers, he provided the reference pictures.

Uli - nice to see you again.

Alina Chau said...

Love these characters!! Great design!

UM said...

how the fuck did you find it? And why didn't you come and see us, you Tasmanian Devil?!

Elliot said...

How did I find it?
I'm assuming you mean your blog.
When one leaves a comment one need only click on the name of the commentor to find a list of their blogs.
If you mean mean the picture I used as a reference, Grillo sent it to me.

Smook said...

Nicely done, Elliot.

UM said...


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