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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day Off

I have the day off to get my house ready for sale.
Here are some photos I took this evening instead of drawings (which is what you get when I'm busy).
This is a large ex weaving mill with lots of great studio space that has been ruined by God botherers who moved in and turned it into some kind of church.
Most dissapointing.

Also I've not finished it completely, but I've been exploiting blogger as best I can and have created a Best Of Sandwichbag, which is made up of my favorite images but without the surprise of nudity or having to hear me tell people to fuck off.
Could be useful.


the doodlers said...

Oh, what a shame that this fantastic building became a church! It would be such a great place for a whole bunch of art studios. In Toronto there was a great old munitions factory that went on for a few blocks that used to house a community of artists.. think it's still there in part, now going upscale as a home furniture and lifestyle store for the condos sprouting in the neighbourhood.

Beautiful photos.

Oscar Grillo said...

What's wrong with telling us to fuck off?...I rather get sent packing by you than celebrated by Californian computer animators!!

Elliot said...

Doodlers - Not only did it become a church, but it became a really annoying church.
Worship whoever the hell you like I say, but don't think I give a shit.

Grillo - I'd be quite happy to tell you to fuck off my friend when the occasion arises!
I promise!

limbolo said...

You're lucky...
Not many Englishmen get the opportunity to insult a priest....Enjoy. They're easy meat.

Elliot said...

Limbolo - I'll make the most of it while I'm still here then!

Stef said...

kronenbourg in London soon Elliot.

Lisa said...

I really like these pictures!

Elliot said...

Thank you Lisa!!!

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