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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here's one for Germaine G

I had a break in a busy day to scrawl something down.
Initially I had intended to draw a response to something Grillo had penned (Bugs Bunny with huge tits).
It really wasn't working but I must still have a bit of Chuck Jones on my mind because I accidently drew something resembling his Hasaan character ("Hasaaaaan CHOP!" - you know the one).
As noted, I dedicate this image to Germaine Greer and all her friends.


Oscar Grillo said...

If "Professor" Greer wasn't so busy appearing in ALL the TV programs there are, and writing her opinions about EVERYTHING in ALL the newspapers in England, she may have time to look at this picture and could tell you what she THINKS!!

Boris Hiestand said...

I really like this, but I'm not telling you 'cos you hurt me deep in your previous post's comment box.

I've got somthing I think you might like:

studio site of a friend of mine, Greg Lawson. mr Grillo knows him too.

check out the box under 'showreel', and the box top right. tell me what you think.

Oscar Grillo said...

Hey, Boris!..Thanks for directing me to Greg's site...I have great afection and admiration for the guy!!!

Sorry, Elliot, for using your site for my personal affairs!

Elliot said...

Boris - it's full of terrific stuff. Not a single flouncing Disney character to be seen.
It's full of gems and in a wonderful variety of styles.
Shoe add is very fine work.
THanks for that - I shall email him and give him a hello.

Grillo - feel free to use my blog for anything you need. Drug trafficking, terrorism, slave trade, child pornography.
It's a community blog for use by everyone.

Oscar Grillo said...

Since you are so generous I could pass the offer to the Nigerians who constantly send me e-mails asking for my bank account number to deposit billions of dollars or the people who wants me to have my penis extended!
-What do you say?

Elliot said...

I believe I get the same ones.
I'm especially fond of the gentleman who keeps asking if I want my breasts enlarged.

Bill Morton said...

There's something great going on here but did you crop this one?

Elliot said...

Bill - there you are - No - nothing cropped here, in fact I added another 300 pixels to the right so I could add some more.

Bill Morton said...

Really? You're drawings always make me want to see what else is going, what might that girl on the lefts hands doing? Or the girl on the right's legs? It's like I'm getting snippets of a hole Elliot world.

Elliot said...

THank you for saying so - it's always nice when laziness pays off...

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