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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Painter has a lot of silly tools but if you fiddle with them a bit you can do some interesting things.

Also - a big thanks to visitor #27500 from Hawaiian Gardens, California.
You win a handjob from your favorite Hollywood celebrity.


Oscar Grillo said...

Lovely drawing, Elliot...But let me tell you that tonight, before switching off the telly, I zapped through the channels and saw an american movie showing a bunch of very pale africans performing a ritual, and a high priest shouting "NIMBONGO, NIMBONGO!" in front of a tied white woman. Is this what the surrealists called "Le Merveillieux"?

Good night

Elliot said...

OZ - what you have in fact witnessed is BAABWI - the African art of tortoise folding I mentioned the other day.

Alina Chau said...

awesome drawing Elliot!! I It dosn't feel digital at all!! Very nice stroke and texture!

Little Rock said...


I doubt I would have wanted something like this on my wall as a child.

Oscar Grillo said...

Elliot...Answering to your question about "Le Merveillieux".
In the Twenties, the French surrealists used to enter in a cinema when the show already started, watched a film for only few seconds and left. They tried to figure out what they saw and called that act of revelation: "Le Merveillieux".
In the age of remote controls and zapping that great form of art can be practiced at home.
Reading comments on blogs have a similar results. Specially if like me, you do this at four thirty in the morning.

Elliot said...

I think this Le Merveillieux business is something I may start doing at the cinema.
I often find the first 10 minutes to be interesting enough but it all goes down hill from there.

Elliot said...

And Alina - you're not the first girl to tell me I've got nice stroke.

J.a.G. said...

I would have had this on my wall as a teen. It would have driven my mom nuts.

She did not appreciate the Skinny Puppy poster I had of a grave.

delu said...

hmmm...looks like a tasmanian Munch. What do i have to do to live in Topple Town?

Great drawings, as always, always.

Oscar Grillo said...

I am the visitor number 22.643...Could I get a handjob by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Boris Hiestand said...

Don't trust Elliot when it comes to giving away handjobs!!
I've been waiting for Brian Dennehy for over a month now, but the guy still hasn't appeared in my boudoir.

Oscar Grillo said...

..And I am sure he is pretty good at it...I recently saw him in the theater doing "Death of a Salesman" and he wouldn't stop touching his groin.

the doodlers said...

Ahh, groin talk. This is a nice, moody drawing. Cheers from T.O. Arna

Elliot said...

Brian Dennehy has a big queue ahead of you Boris.
He's got very soft hands and is a legend in the hand-job business.

Grillo - I'm sure the mighty Austrian hands of Arnolt would be adequate to administer your ample Argentinian member.

Arna - thank you for wading through the philosophy and taking the time to leave a comment. XXX

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