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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Touchy Feely

There's a scene in the film Topsy Turvy where one of the characters (Gilbert or Sullivan I can't recall) is having a jolly time in a French brothel.
There are two young ladies performing a cheeky act on stage that involves nipple pinching and crotch flashing.
It's a great scene (not just because of the naked girls).
There's an authentic quality to it.
The film as I mentioned is called Topsy Turvy is directed by Mike Leigh and is a film about Gilbert and Sullivan.
I imagine it's painted in fairly broad strokes, but it's a great film and I encourage anyone who's interested in theatre to hire it.
The fellow I've included in the image is from a much earlier age than Gilbert and Sullivan, but I like those baroque wigs, and there's something nice and pervy about vintage porn, so he went in there.


Boris Hiestand said...

fantastic production design on that film.

Elliot said...

Yes - I love it and watch it often.

the doodlers said...

Thanks for reminding us about Topsy Turvey. Beautiful all round music and story. One of my faves. I was especially fond of the scene in which Gilbert took the actors through their paces during the rehearsal. I believe that the actor who played one the blond male lead in Topsy Turvey is now starring in the miniseries Rome as the lead centurian...Sorry, for not knowing the names of these guys right now! I'll go google them.

We've been reading your lovely banter with Mr. Smook and would like to add you to our links list! Do keep up that great blogging!

Arna and John

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