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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Enough of the Christmas nonsense

Here are some more cute characters in peril, something I return to often.

For some reason (being a portly type I imagine) I have been roped into playing Santa on and off since I moved to Tasmania.
It is a common thing in suburbs and regional centres, for have Christmas carol nights - big affairs in parks with local celebrities, well know singers from local theatre groups and all that.
I have played Santa at the last 2 Carols nights and it's been an entertaining and unorthadox affair.
I am usually interviewed by the MC then have to sing a couple of carols with another singer.
Year one we talked about what Santa wanted for Christmas.
We had rehearsed me talking about wanting world peace, but I changed it on the night and told the MC I would like a salad for Christmas, because it was hard to grow vegetables.
Last night was this years carols and we talked about how Rudolph has contracted bird flu (from a bird).
All very silly but heaps of fun.
Singing carols has always been a interesting one for me - I'm certainly not an orthadox Jew by any means, but I didn't grow up singing them much.
I had to learn the words for Jingle Bells, and fortunately Santa has only one line to sing in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
These are low res pics taken with my phone before I went onstage.


Little Rock said...

hehehe (or is that Ho ho ho?):P

- You make a lovely Santa!

My mum wanted me to play Santa this year for this thing she was organising (I imagine because of my rounded edges.) but, she must have forgotten i'm a GIRL.

Happy holidays!

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I hope that mosnter below this post doesn't pop you noggin off and swallow it!


Elliot said...

L Rock - I will never think of you as Santa.

Mik - That may have been a good option for me after works Christmas party on Friday night.

abuliac said...

Hello Santa..
What I want for this Christmas is a fountain pen that I can dip in real ink and feel like a real writer because I'd have that ink stain on my middle finger to prove it...
...and peace on earth and all that crap too...
Can you do that?

Hey Elliot, this is Periangel, back from hiatus with a new blog name (was in need of a change). I'm a fan of your title picture... and the silhouetted monsters.

Hopefully, now that my workload has decreased somewhat, I'll have more time to entertain myself with the blogosphere. It's always great to stroll by to see your new artwork!

Con amore.

Claude Bordeleau said...

Ahaha! Your characters are always full of expression!

Boris Hiestand said...

one odem days- you'll be a STAR I tellem yez

Elliot said...

Oh everyone - thank you so much.
Periangel - I'll come visit very soon!

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