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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Silliness and scribble

Anyone who feels the need to see the enlarged version of this will note how enthusiastically I started and how feebly I ended.
Also - I have added a few more Tove Jansson images a few posts down the page.


donnachada said...

Ouch, bet that hurt. Nice posts Elliot. Just caught up. The Penguin one is so evil. Cool stuff.

UM said...

Elliot. it's a movie!

Boris Hiestand said...

get it commissioned!

Kevan said...

Hello. I like the storyboard drawings very much.

I feel much happier now.


Elliot said...

Cheers y'all.
I'll see what I can do about raised the 60 or 70 million I'll need to produced this hastily storyboarded epic.

Kevan - thanks for taking the time to pop past mate.

Kevan said...


Tag! You're it!

I shall add your blog to my list of daily hang outs. I will also be moderating your posts for anti-DW sentiment...

I won't really.

: )

Elliot said...

Well Kev - if they'd just make something worthwhile occationally then you wouldn't have to moderate my posts!

HA! :) wink smile.

Dean Roberts said...

hi elliot - got to your blog via uli's . great stuff - love red nose man . tove janson's work reminds me of oliver postgates pingwing books made in the 70's. good to see your work .

Elliot said...

Heya Dean - thanks for dropping past.
Your own work is just wonderful.
I don't know of Oliver Postgate but I shall look him up directly.

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