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Thursday, October 27, 2005


It's been a very long day and I'm pleased it is coming to a close...


Anonymous said...

very nice

Elliot said...

Thanks stranger!

alberto mielgo said...

I like your crazy style!
I love the rare birds from Tasmania.

Elliot said...

Alberto - thanks for popping in.
Your own work is stunning - anyone reading this message should go visit his blog now!

El Snoozo said...

Dude that drawing creeps me out a tad, he's like the weird old dudes who I meet in the gym, who refuse to put their towels around their wrinkly bits, and instead sling it over their shoulders and talk about how they grouted their roofs.

It ain't Spartacus dude.

Goos sketch man!

Elliot said...

El Snoozo - the first car I ever bought (an old Ford Cortina) was purchased from an old man.
When I went to hand over the cash, I rang the doorbell and he seemed to take a very long time to come to the door.
When he arrived he apologised to taking his time, because the nurse had just dressed a boil on his rectum (his own words).
There wasn't much to say to that.
We paid for the car and drove it away, safe in the knowledge that his wife used the car and his evil anus had never touched the seat.

jonny-no-stars said...

I very much like this title. Is there an etymology?

Elliot said...

It's merely a word I invented that sounds rude but isn't at all.

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