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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The critics say:
"Amazing! Who would have thought a mouse could do that?"
Karl Peters - The Glasgow Herald

"David Mamet is taller than his mouse, but it's the mouse with the heart"
Eileen Smith - The Ballarat Tribune

"This is unlike any other movies made about a mouse, especially Stuart Little"
Steven Truscott - The Hobart Mercury

This new documentary about the legendary playwright and his best friend will be released nationally later in the year. Posted by Picasa


Michele's Mumblings said...

It looks wonderful. I've always wanted to know more about him because i have loved his plays/ movies.

Elliot said...

Well that's great...I'm trying to think of a non patronising way to ask if you realise that this is pretend movie poster I threw together for a lark....

Monkeyfeather said...

Maybe the weirdest thing you've ever posted, and I love it.

The mouse idea is interesting.

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