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Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Meaning of Life - and a comment for Charmaine

This weekend I finally finished my Monty Python DVD collection with their movie The Meaning of Life.
I would like to make some comments about it.
1) For those cartoonist friends of mine who love pirates and have been living in a pond and have never seen the movie, Terry Gilliam directed a short film that preceeds (and then attacks) the main movie.
The movie is called The Crimson Permanent Assurance and is about an old accounting firm who set their building to sail and attack big business.
The crew of the CPA (a joke I have only just understood now that I've typed it out) are all very old men, who arm themselves with makeshift pirate gear - blades from an overhead fan, the fashion a dagger by attaching a receipt spike to a stamp. Their cannons are filing cabinets that fire drawers.
All lovely stuff.
Go watch it if you haven't seen it.
2) All of the Pythons put in stellar performances - Graham Chapman is especially good. Eric Idle does a lovely job in a scene where he plays a silly American woman. Michael Palin plays a range of silly characters in a very silly and entertaining way.
3) In one scene Terry Gilliam plays a Bo Peep character in a slightly husky transvetitey kind of voice. I mention this only because he looks and sounds remarkably like Kirsty Allie. I live in hope that one day he hears of this comment and is appropriately amused.

Comment for Charmaine:
I have a friend from my days at Southern Cross called Jason Blundell, or Airbags as we all know him (he crashed 3 cars in as many weeks when he first started).
I noted once over dinner that he has the kind of fresh faced look that would be perfect if you needed to cast someone in a movie about either of the world wars.
My friend Alex Harris backed this up by suggesting that Bags looked like the entire cast of the Sullivans, which is the comment I figured you'd enjoy.Posted by Picasa


Little Rock said...

Haven't seen the film, but that's a gorgeous drawing, as always.

Elliot said...

Thank you - but I think the drawing is pretty average...

Little Rock said...

I'll agree to disagree. I like it.

Pag said...

may I have your liver?

atoep said...

The Terry Gilliam/Kristie Alley comparison is dead on. I never made the connection before, but now I can't get it out of my head.

Elliot said...

Mike - you are welcome to any body part I'm not regularly using.
Having said that you are welcome to my genitals but not my liver.

ATOEP - it's spooky but accurate.

Little Rock said...

This makes so much more sense now... Hah.


Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

One of my favorite movies and I like the Crimson Permanent Assurance.

Wife watched movie and rolled her eyes not getting it at all.

Here in the UK visiting the folks and found some of my old Spiek Milligan and Goon Show tapes, ahh funny stuff.


Elliot said...

Mik - I LOVE the Goon Show.
It was rather an influence on me as a teenager.
I loved it.
I recently watched The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, which, while not a great movie is interesting.
Actors playing Spike and Harry have only small roles in the film but there's a brief segment set during a taping of the Goon show which is lovely.

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