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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Jolly Fat Man

This is one of the delighful guys from our engineering department.
He's got a vast gut that means he can never keep his shirt tucked in, and keeps the crotch of his pants at knee level permanently.
He's got a voice just like Laurie Lawrence (a bit like Bert, or Fozzie Bear for you foreign types).
He's always arguing and it's best to avoid going to the loo after he's been in there because he seems to shit napalm, or some other cancer inducing defoliant. Posted by Picasa


donnachada said...

Hey Elliot, I'm loving your latest sketches. the joker drawings remind me of Ronald Searle. Really loose.
Very cool.

Elliot said...

Thanks mate.
Some of my influences are Gerald Scarfe and a fellow called Murray Ball, who was himself a student of Ronald Searle.
Ronald designed some wine labels for a local winery here in Tassie - they have giant versions of them around the place.

Stef said...

Hey Elliot! great that you joined the Eurovision Art Challenge!

Elliot said...

Yes Stef - it seemed like too good an opportunity to have my work seen by more of my peers.
Living out here on my little island leaves me rather isolated as far as my own industry is concerned.

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