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Friday, August 05, 2005


Like so many illustrators and animators I was highly influenced by the classic American style of cartooning.
Disney, Warner Brothers, etc.
I've kind of railed against it in the last 10 years or so.
Not that I think there's anything wrong with it as such, I just think there's a million more interesting ways I could, and should be drawing.
After spending so much time on, I thought I might like to prove to myself that I can tackle a "standard" animation look.
My work has achieved a loosness over the years which may be here to stay, but it feels nice to know that I can still tackle these things on a basic level if I'm ever required to.
I've often waffled on about my influences on this blog and in the last few weeks I think I've recognised some more:
Quentin Blake, a marvellous English illustrator whos work is often associated with Roald Dahl.
Bill Peet, legendary Disney story man whos simplest shitty scrawl has more character and life than anything I've spent a year working on.
And to a lesser, but certainly visible extent, the Australian artist Brett Whitely.
I don't really know much about the man, but he was wonderful.
Lived art rather than created it.
And died of a herion overdose.
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Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I'm liking these animal cartoons.

Still prefer your figures getting up to stuff though.

Elliot said...

Me too.

Little Rock said...

Thought of combining that and having animal cartoons getting up to stuff??

Kristen McCabe said...

I love the shape of his ears. :)

I wish that little circle in the lower-left corner was his nipple. hee-hee that would be funny. ..err.. to me.

Elliot said...

Kristen - those are pretty much the same ears I draw on my dog.

You have a thing for rhino nipples?
How erotic....and peculiar.

B said...

if this is the looseness you were talking about, i think it works well. there's something inherently pleasing about your work (from what i've poked around and seen in your blog), whether it's the happy rhino or scary monkey dude. i dig it.

Elliot said...

Thanks B.
Always nice to hear good things about my efforts.
I'll check your own blog out as soon as I've finished typing this!

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