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Monday, August 29, 2005

Boobies for Kristen

Over at her sketchblog, the talented and lovely Kristen is always kind enough to draw lots of nice bared breasts.
At her request I have returned the favor. Posted by Picasa


Kristen McCabe said...

Nice Ta-Ta's Elliot!
Thank You for drawing her!

I'm a little concerned about where her hand is going. She likes it when people watch, Doesn't she? Slut!

;) wink

Elliot said...

She's being modest and covering up her pink bits!
Dear me!
What else would she be doing???

Little Rock said...

Nice boobies.

Cute, and naughty looking...I like it :)

Elliot said...

Cute and naughty looking!
Just like me!!!!

Little Rock said...

Of course :P

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