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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Back From The Dead

This picture was prompted by the image of myself in the top right hand corner of my blog.
Peering over my glasses has distorted one of my eyes, making me look a little ghoulish.
This is what I may look like if I were to rise from the grave and walk the Earth again. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Your eyes are beautiful

Elliot said...

Well thank you stranger!
I wish the rest of me matched.

Carolyn said...

I haven't checked the site in a few days so it was really fun to pop by this morning and see your new postings. Love Gandolf and Owen and the portrait of you dead is just fabulous. (something odd about that last comment... oh well)

Anonymous said...

Thw rest of you does match

Elliot said...

Carolyn - thanks! I have a feeling I look much better as a corpse than I do alive and well.
Something Anonymous here seems not to agree with!

atoep said...

Brother Elliot,

I love the dead portrait. It definately looks better than I do alive. I wish I had something better to say other than I love it, but there you go.

Take care.

Elliot said...

Thanks pal.
I personally think I always look better in caricature than in real life.
I've been visiting your blog and have read your achives.
It's fascinating and hilarious and horrifying all at the same time.
Don't change any of it!

atoep said...

It's hard to give a compliment without it coming off like a douche bag who is not sincere. However, it's seems as if it's hard to take caricature and elivated beyond some shit you would see at a fair. You work reminds of me of Oscar Berger, who used to draw for The New Yorker. I don't mean to imply mimicry, just to say that you have risen above that fair type drawing and into something else.

Thanks for the kind words on the blog.

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