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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another for Charmaine

One of my dearest friends in the world is a bossy redhead called Charmaine.
Occasionally I will draw something and straight away I will know she'll appreciate it.
This is a caricature of Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard.
If you like dogs, you'll know they come in a variety of personalities.
Fun, outgoing, shy, angry and occasionally completely thick with no personality whatsoever.
This is the only way I ever think of John Howard.
A stupid mutt whose idea of an exciting time is to have a quick shit on the rug.
I was considering posting an accompanying image of the actual Prime Minister but decided that he looked more like this than any photos anyway.
He has an extended top lip, that I've not really caricatured.
Many other artists more talented than me usually go straight for the lip which leaves him looking very much like an orangutan.
I think this is a little bit unfair, as tests have proven time and time again that orangutans are perfectly capable of making intelligent choices when it comes to difficult decisions and John Howard does not seem to have mastered that ability quite yet. Posted by Picasa


tooned said...

Thats a pretty cool ya style.
i have seen your stuff on the drawing board.I see you are in in Bendigo vic.
when ya get a chance i have just started a blog....still no idea what im doing

Angel! said...

You are so hilarious Elliot! And I like the fact that you didn't take the easiest way to caricature him, with the extended top lip.

You have so much talent, keep up with the good work.

Elliot said...

Howard - I've checked out your blog several times.
Keep it up.

Cendrine - shucks as always.

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