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Friday, July 15, 2005


Two days in a row you get real life, hand drawn artwork.
This is pen and ink on hot press fabriano paper (the yummiest of smooth watercolour papers).
It was done during a difficult time in my life when I needed something positive to work on.
It was inspired by a story John Lennon told about meeting Yoko that I enjoyed.
Yesterday I managed to beat my framing people down from $2500 to only $995 and, as it's tax time, it means I should be able to afford to get all the pieces I want done, which means in turn that I should be able to exhibit again this year.
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Angel! said...

Where's Charlie??

It must have taken you weeks to draw that one!

Nice (or should I say: yurk? so you'd be happy).

Elliot said...

Oh no - you can like it, that fine!
And no, it took me a few hours in the afternoon on a nice day.

Angel! said...

I'm curious: did you count them?

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Okay I actually started to count them so I could post the number, but I stopped myself. :0)

Good luck with the exhibition if it happens, hope you take pictures so we can see.


Elliot said...

Cendrine - no I didn't.
Until you asked it never occured to me to.
I'll consult the original (which is somewhat larger) and check.
There are a few heads without bodies there to fill in space, so I'll only count the complete ones.

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