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Monday, July 04, 2005

Taste the silence

My parents were here for the weekend.
It was mostly good with a few ugly moments.
The Friday night when they got here we had a long conversation about their concerns about me.
One of their concerns will amuse the people who know me.
During the 6 weeks I was unemployed earlier in the year, my father phoned me at one point to ask me if I had enough money.
I told him I had about 35 bucks until my dole payment and that would cover me for some paper and ink so I would be just fine thank you very much.
My parents concern was that I spent money on paper and ink rather than food or saving it.
How funny!
Conversely they bought me all my meals and new boots and put new tyres on the car so I can't really be to cranky with them.
But it's nice to have my house back.
And I've got new bedding which is nice too.
...Essentially my parents came for the weekend, gave me the shits for a bit, bought me all sorts of nice things and told me how great I am which just makes me an ungrateful pig.
One thing we did do was head out to Marakoopa Caves, which are an amazing collection of caves near a town called Mole Creek.
Marakoopa is apparently Aboriginal for "handsome".
It was wonderful.


Elliot said...

This is me just testing...

Angel! said...

Who punched who?

Elliot said...

They both punched each other I think.
I'll let you decide for yourself.

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