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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Monty Python's Flying Jesus

The picture on the left is Bella Lugosi.
It's a picture that's been doing the internet rounds recently - he's playing Jesus Christ in a play during the early part of last century.
It struck me how much he resembled Terry Jones of Monty Python fame.
I had trouble locating a much better picture than this, but I think the similarity is there.
So...we have Bella Lugosi playing Jesus Christ looking just like Terry Jones who once played mother to someone who was a bit like Jesus (Mandy in the Life of Brian). Posted by Picasa


Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Yes I can see the resemblance.


Elliot said...

Shit you're fast mate - I only just put that up!

Red Egg said...

Funny how things turn out, non?

LeeLoreya said...

isn't mr lugosi sort of...dead?

Elliot said...

Yes, Leeloreya. Bella Lugosi is dead.
The picture was taken a long time ago.

LeeLoreya said...

and as far as I know, Mr Lugosi was a man, so it's Béla, Bella is more like the name you would give to a female horse.

Elliot said...

You are entirely correct.

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