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Monday, July 18, 2005

I have been rattling on about my dear friend who had her first baby last Tuesday.
During her time in hospital she has dealt with many, many nurses - some great, some awful, and then in a whole new category was a woman called Alida Mollenschot.
She was a vast currant bun of a woman.
The very first thing she said when she sat down was an apology for having put on a bit of weight recently and a further apology that her pants were a little long.
Then she played havoc with the machine that measures your blood pressure (she has one at home she prefers, hence the drawing of her wearing one).
She had an extremely high squeaky voice and was so comical that I thought I may have to leave the room.
I didn't.
Instead I questioned her on her favorite kind of blood pressure machine.
She had a funny habit of finishing your sentences, but with song lyrics.

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