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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Behold the mighty sheep, the majestic wool-bearer

Sheep are not just good for eating or wearing!
They're good for looking at too!
Here are some sheep that live near me.
I've pumped a little yellow into the picture so you can't actually tell it was one of the coldest mornings we've had this year. Posted by Picasa


Carolyn said...

Brrr... your picture is lovely but I am dreading the freezing temps that will be here in less than 6 months (I live in suburban Detroit).
Thank you for commenting on my blog. I have been enjoying your drawings... what sort of pen do you use? I would guess a quill type ink pen, the kind you dip into the ink well? I admire you ink lines (bet you've never been told that before! :c ) ) (mmm... baby... nice ink lines!)

Elliot said...

I use two types of pen.
Anything that I note is a "real" picture is done exactly as you say - a nib and ink.
I use hot pressed fabriano paper - a heavy to midweight.
Anything too thin tends to warp.
Anything on my blog with anything in the way of colour in it (with the exception of the Santa picture and the one called rain) was done using a piece of software called Painter.
In that software I use the scratchboard tool and the watercolour paint as they tend to mimic my own style pretty closely anyway.
If there's anything else I can tell you feel free to email : )

Little Rock said...

Poor sheep... It sure does get cold here in Tas..
You have some great drawings! and thanks for commenting on my blog, its always great to get feedback..

Elliot said...

Thanks Storms - you are welcome back anytime!

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