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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stupid Blog

I spent a good amount of time chatting about the Australian big Brother, which I unashamedly love.
I talked mostly about pretty girls taking their kit off, in particular a girl called Kate.
Then the whole thing fell over and I cannot be fucked re-typing the whole lot.
So this is all you get today. Posted by Hello


Tweedledopey said...

gah. though I can't complain, as I am bloglazy.

Elliot said...

Have you invented a word?!
I like this very much!

Kristen McCabe said...

That happened to me today. It kept saying "an error occurred" I almost lost my post. damn blogger!

Big Brother never did that well in the US, maybe because they chose the lamest people to be on it. (although I think one season they had a guy who pulled a knife on another roommate, made good tv)

what's a "kit"?

Elliot said...

Yes, I was aware of that.
It's been huge here, series 5 is the latest.
Every year they do a wrap up of the various international Big Brothers and it seems that the cultural niceities of each nation are distilled.
The US version seemed pretty tame.
"Kit" is clothes - you take your kit off before you have a shower for example.

espritgirl24 said...

Blogger did the same thing to me last night. My long, funny post is now just a list of crap.

I vaguely remember watching the first Big Brother season. Something about silly games, peanut butter, and just being an overall commercial for IKEA.

Sirius Green said...

Blogger did that to me once so now I write all my blogs in Microsoft Word first. Betcha wish you had! Heh heh heh.

Kristen: About Big Brother, that knife incident was in the UK's fifth series last year unless it happened in the US as well.

Red Egg said...

Ooh that totally sucks ass! I hate when that happens.

I write it in word now, one bad experience is not worth experiencing again. Frustration is not something I handle very well.

Ann said...


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