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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Puny Humans!

My best friend in the world is a small dog called Ella.
She's a jack russel chiahouhou cross.
Black and tan, looks very much like a miniature doberman.
She's had several major injuries over the years, the first of which was when she was run over.
She was seemingly unscathed after a stationwagon went over her (front wheels then back).
After a few days we took her back to the vet and she was in fact a little scathed - her diaphragm had split and all her arse end organs had squeezed into her chest cavity, collapsing her lunch.
She was operated on and all was fine.
A couple of weeks afer the op I had to bring her in to have her stitches out.
Unknown to us, she had picked them out herself over the last week (I didn't even notice!!!).
When we popped her up on the table it was slightly embarassing and Ella clearly thought it was very funny.


abuliac said...

Very cute!

Animas can be amazing. My cat might be able to read minds (you can never tell, but if someone is physically or emotinally hurting, she will alway lay next to or on top of them). She also rings a bell that hangs next to the door in order to let us know she wants to go outside.

She knows the temperament of each person in the house and knows exactly how to manipulate them into giving her food! (She drags my mom straight out of bed, but she waits for me to get up and have some coffee before bothering me, etc.)

Elliot said...

My ultimate goal is to get Ella to make coffee, mow the lawns and head down to the bottleshop with a wagon to pick me up a slab.

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