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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Feelin' lucky?

Went and saw Million Dollar Baby with a pal Saturday night.
It was pretty good - she bawled for the last 40 minutes (I did a little but not as much).
The thing I found most fascinating was watching Clint, who is still a very fit, tall shitkicker of a man look so old.
All the musclework was there, but the elastin in his skin meant that his flesh was hanging loose all over.
The body of a much stronger man in the skin of an old bloke.
A bit like a basset hound.
I also enjoyed listening to Clint and Morgan Freeman gripe at each other with their croaky old voices.
It was sometimes hard to distinguish between the two.
Sounded very much like Tom Waits chatting to himself.
Anyway - it's not a bad movie at all, and Clints a pretty good film maker, and if you're a sook then you'll be undoubtedly moved by the whole thing.Posted by Hello


Mel said...

Call me a sook - I cried and cried. I knew it was just a film and that it was all make-believe but that scene where she is in the hospital and her family comes to visit and she looks as if she is gonna cave then turns it around on them - bawl!!!
I don't usually cry but this one - yeah and I agree - Clint's skin is like a craggy cloak over his body.

Elliot said...

Oh there's nothing wrong with sooking at movies Melly.
I'm dreadful when it comes to such things.
And yes - that part of the film was among the harder parts to take.
Same when her foul sister complains that there's no fridge in the house she's just bought them.

abuliac said...

"Sook" is a new word for me! I've yet to see the movie. But the "reviews" I read and heard about it pretty much ruined any surprise there might have been about the ending. I like the nose on this one!

Mel said...

'Sniff Thanks E. I know what you mean about that scene - I got a little 'Misty' just remembering. I think this is the perfect opportunity to start a list of movies that induce tears -

Elliot said...

Sook... I'm not sure if it's used in Britain at all but it's common in Australia.
Having a sook is having a cry, or is someone's being a bit precious you can call them a sook, or more commonly a "sooky lah-lah".
Re the caricature - the nose is probably the best bit.
In my efforts to make Clint look old and wrinkly I've ended up with him looking a little like Freddy Krueger...

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