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Monday, April 11, 2005

Enough Rope

Today's caricature is the result of a conversation had during the production/sales weekly meeting.
Andrew Denton (above) is an Australian humourist and interviewer.
He is an extremely quick witted fellow and highly intelligent.
His current interview show Enough Rope, is a quirky and entertaining program where he speakes to celebrities and every day folks as well.
There are transcripts of all his interviews on the site all of which are a great read.
His interviews rarely tip toe around important issues, yet he is not a ball busting current affairs style journo.
So, to the meeting.
There is a certain type of person in this world who is by no means a bad person, or an evil person, but they are dead end people.
By this I mean that they have decided that they already know everything they need to know, they feel they have enough thoughts in their heads and require no more input from the world.
Last night they presented a great interview with the extremely scruffy and highly articulate Sir Bob Geldof.
They talked about live aid, his children and other aspects of his colourful life.
Vanessa (the other producer here) and I thought it was terriffic.
The sales team decided that Bob Geldof was obviously some sort of drug addict and therefore not worth hearing out, and that Andrew was a softcock and clearly too intelligent for them to cope with.
It's made me a little cranky I must admit - dealing with people who can but wont broaden their minds, and not only that, but look upon those who do as being weird and strange.
Well that's my whinge for this morning.
I'm extremely pleased with my drawing of Andrew Denton.
He's another one of these people with cranky eyebrows that make him a little hard to make look personable.Posted by Hello

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