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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Chasing Shadows

I visit the site of Periangel every day and very much enjoy her writing.
She often posts on my blog but I rarely contribute to hers.
To make up for it I've scribbled down this image, in response to this post on her site:Insomniancs Dreamblog
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abuliac said...

Blogger has been awful lately! But now that I finally can post a comment (and in hoping that it can actually go through properly) I just want to say, "Thanks!" This is the first time anything I wrote was illustrated!

Elliot said...

That's absolutely my pleasure!
If you don't mind I'll use the Dreamblog as a bit of inspiration when my archives don't inspire me.

abuliac said...

Don't mind at all!

abuliac said...

Was reminiscing with a friend about my old writing days and thought of this drawing... still love it! Sadly the dreamblog went the way of most of my creative writing ventures, but I'm glad to see you're still drawing and animating! ..even dabbling in poetry (Puppy Larue!). Nice work!

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