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Sunday, April 10, 2005


There are times when you can put pen to paper, paintbrush to canvas or stylis to Wacom tablet and via some miracle get exactly the image you want.
Like it's been drawn before and you're just tracing over it.
And not just a good drawing, but everything that you personally like in one of your drawings; it's balanced, good lines, plenty of personality, it looks like you drew it (or whatever it is that you think makes a successful drawing).
Other times you can bash away for hours, make some nice sketches, but not produce anything especially exciting.
I've made a bit of an attempt to put a new drawing on this blog whenever I post, or at least pluck one out of my archives.
Is it an accident that the above drawing has turned out so pleasing (to me I mean, not neccessarily any other bugger)?
If you have a style of your own (or a least a style that's an amalgamation of everything you've been stealing from for years) then your work is a bit like having a signature.
A personal stamp that's yours alone (or again, from wherever you've been stealing).
It's nice when you're able to sign your name nicely innit?Posted by Hello

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