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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

End of Days

I had a very peculiar dream the other night.
The world was about to plunged into a radioactive hell, and the government introduced a scheme whereby artists were asked to design fallout shelters.
One of the selected artists was one of my former uni lecturers (and good friend) Stephen Pascoe.
He designed this massive office block made out of revolving towers of cardboard.
Each one of these towers was topped with an amusing cartoon head, handpainted in a rough style - clown heads, kittens and whatnot.
I don't really recall the outcome of the dream but the enormous revolving fallout shelter stuck in my head (I rarely remember my dreams).
This creature above is from my files and reminded me vaguely of the artwork included in the dream.Posted by Hello


Tweedledopey said...

I particularly like this one.

Elliot said...

Thanks dude.
It's a digital image, created in a piece of software called Painter.

Tweedledopey said...

Back in the day I worked on an animation team that created a short. I think we used painter to create our backgrounds (I was a modeler/animator/npr texturer on the project, so didn't work on the backgrounds).

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