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Monday, July 24, 2006


Who'd like to win a prize?
Take a gander at these 4 very pretty girls...

They all have something very particular in common (see below).
If you can correctly tell me what the very particular thing is - you'll get a prize!
Prizes include artwork, slave labour, handjobs and stuff like that.

See what you can come up with.

The winner will be revealed when I am satisfied you have posted enough dopey replies.
However - Grillo, who seems to know something about everything, will probably know the answer already, so you'll have to get in quick to win.

Anyone who posts "The thing they have in common is that I would like to introduce them to a mouthful of my evil man seed" will not be winning any prizes.


myPrd said...

Well I thought I could reverse engineer the top image by typing 'Sexy trio 9' into Google images... Thus gleaning a webpage with the resulting names/reason for the photo on it. Sadly (...or not so sadly, depending on your POV) Google Images provided nothing helpful (you'll have to type it yourself without safeSearch for proof)

So I'm none the wiser. Well, actually I am a fair bit wiser - but still not able to answer your question.

J.a.G. said...

They're all right handed?
They all have big smiles/lots of teeth?
They're sisters?
They're Australian?
They're very pretty?
You want to take them all to your bed?
Porn stars?

Um....I don't know.

rayray said...

They're all "C" cups? "D" cups?
Hot hot hotties?

Oscar Grillo said...

They areall men.

Little Rock said...

They all have big hands.
..and like to touch eachother with them..

I give up.

Elliot said...

myprd - I renamed the files.

Jag - those are all silly answers, although as a hint I'll tell you that 3 of yours answers are wrong in varying degrees.

Rayray - I believe there is a variety of bosom sizes here.

Oscar - No, I am pleased to say.

LR - Unfortunately I think you are probably wrong.

Boris Hiestand said...

they are all proud lesbians, and none of them have legs. Oh- and they all model for DOVE soap. and they're musicians, and mentally challenged. I want the blonde one with the retarded grin!

Elliot said...

Wrong wrong wrong and wrong.

Dear me people.

FelixSputnik said...

They are all cross eyed and had to have their images photoshopped by "Mental Images©" in Melbourn to avoid courtcase for slander in 2004.
The whole story was a huge feeding frenzy for the press and you can read about it in the archive section of the Melbourne Herald (Nov 5th 2003).
There, what do I get.

FelixSputnik said...

They are all Ballroom dancers who had their breasts surgically moved to their backs, to get them out of the way and give them an advantage in competitions.
You can read about it in the Chicago Times (Dec 2002)

UM said...

-They are all called Tracy and hate their parents for it.
-They all appear on your blog.
-None of them had sex with you.
-They all suffer from bladder infection.

Getting bored with this now.

Oscar Grillo said...

They are the women who sing the "Sheila's Wheels" jingle.

Oscar Grillo said...

The poto in B/W is called:
And the photo in colour is called:

BOTH PHOTOS ARE JPG'S!!!...Do I get the Handjob?

Alina Chau said...

They all slept with Billy Connelly.

Elliot said...

You know, the answer is actually vaguely interesting...

Elliot said...

Thank you Alina - but you are incorrect.

Oscar Grillo said...

The fact that they are Australian beauties we already guess..Pamela Stephenson with a nose job the blond it ain't.... And the one on the left of the B/W photo is not the popular "Guardian" columnist Suzanne Goldenberg.

UM said...

I know, I know! What they have in common is actually vaguely interesting!
Surely, the hand-job is mine now.

Oscar Grillo said...

I know! they are all Uli's sisters and they worked in trace and paint at Munich Animation Studious before they invented computers. The one with the large mouth used to go out with Andreas Dej√°.

Oscar Grillo said...

Is the blonde her?

"Former Australian beauty queen and controversial London socialite Michele Renouf turned up at a Vienna court today to support British historian David Irving.

Irving pleaded guilty at his one-day trial to charges of denying the Holocaust.

Lady Renouf - a former wife of the late New Zealand financier Sir Frank Renouf - has long been an advocate of right-wing views"

Oscar Grillo said...

The blonde is Dennae Brunow who lives in Albury/Wodonga......

limbolo said...

I agree with the fabulously wealthy Oscar Grillo....I mean about them all being men...No, not now - used to be.
O.K. I win, but you keep your hands to yourself Cowan. I'll take the slave labour option - it's about time somebody cracked a whip at you.

UM said...

I've thought about whipping him, but the man is so relaxed, it would just bounce back off his Tazy skin.
The thought of them being all men has him probably five-finger shuffeling back in his hot and sticky room in Archway.
Maybe that's the thing in common. Elliot can wank all over them at the same time.
Can I now have that promised hand-job?!

Alex said...

Seems like a great competition!
Those photos speak the truth.


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